Elmer Suarez



Elmer Suarez

Elmer comes from Peru where soccer is a daily life activity. He grew up playing futsal first and then full field, where most of his favorite memories with friends and family took place.

He remembers when he was about seven years old and his team won the local kinder tournament. His teacher presented the winning team with bananas and according to Elmer that banana tasted so good! As he progressed in the game he felt lucky to play on the youth reserve of the local professional team when he was 15 years old before he came to California.

Elmer studied and earned his degree at Cal Poly. He played at Cal Poly and has also played for several top amateur and semi-professional clubs throughout Northern California. Elmer has coached at several of the top clubs and high schools in the area as well. He finds it rewarding to see the the progress kids make in the areas of skills, fitness and understanding of the game. Elmer us also a student of the game and has licenses and certifications covering many different aspects of the sport. He holds a USSF D License, USC Advanced National Diploma, State Goalkeeping Certification and Level 8 Referee Certification.






USSF D License
USC Advanced National Diploma
State Goalkeeping Certification
Level 8 Referee Certification