Building a

New Legacy

Independently, our clubs - Alpine Strikers FC and Stanford Soccer Club - have distinguished histories, developing thousands of young soccer players and serving our local communities. Together, our combined resources will allow us to offer dynamic best-in-class programs for the most competitive players as well as those who are just beginning their sports journey. In a youth sports landscape that often emphasizes winning above all else, we pledge to offer unsurpassed player-first development that is equally focused on providing a positive environment where life lessons are emphasized and life-long friendships are developed.

Our new name, Stanford Strikers FC, represents decades of experience in our local communities and a combined synergy where the new whole will be greater than the sum of our former individual clubs. Our new club crest shows the shadow of the Phoenix rises from the combined history of our two former clubs. The mythical bird is used as a symbol for new beginnings, hope and positivity. The color gold in our crest represents the optimism of our home state of California while the red and black proudly display the legacy of our founding clubs.

Our Associations

NorCal Premier

The primary focus of a successful soccer program will be the individual player and their families. With a primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and clubs will be the development of children as people first and players second. Individual player development will be a clubs primary focus and team success a secondary but important goal. NPL believes the NorCal Premier Soccer League offers a league supporting the players, parents, coaches and clubs in this endeavor.

The NorCal Youth Premier League includes regionally-based leagues for Premier, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper level teams.
The Youth Premier League also includes the U14-U19 State Premier division which mirrors the NPL timeline. The winner of the State Premier Championship division in the Spring will automatically qualify for the 2022-23 NorCal NPL.

National Premier League

The National Premier Leagues will serve youth soccer by forming and collaborating with leagues, adopting the Players First philosophy and supporting US Club Soccer’s mission to foster the development of clubs.

Our vision is to offer something for every child. We are committed to offering a program that works for every level of player. Our roots remain in the development of the grass-roots recreational programs that serve the majority of our members. As part of our promise to provide a game for all kids, we also offer programs for the elite level players, the competitive players and for the players with specialized needs.

The Elite Clubs National League was founded and continues to lead by daring to do things differently.

The league and its history are embedded with grit, collaboration and tenacity – all things learned from the beautiful game.The ECNL protects and propels the integrity of the game and everyone it impacts by facilitating the perfect symmetry of excellence and humility, exclusivity and accessibility, freedom and community. We believe that challenging everyone to rise to their best creates game-changers that live well, long after cleats are unlaced.

Born out of the belief in a better way. Continued in the ever-evolving pursuit of excellence. The ECNL is More Than A League.