Salazar Jr.


Jorge Salazar Jr.

Jorge was born in El Salvador and soccer has been his passion for as long as he can remember. He moved to the US and played for the De Anza Force and Santa Cruz Breakers Academies. Through his passion for soccer, those teams, his coaches and his dad, he was able to build a strong foundation. At 17, he played for the semi-pro team called Farolito, later for Napa Valley 1830 FC and eventually with El Salvador’s National Team. Playing for the National Team was what Jorge considers his greatest accomplishment and he will always remember scoring his first goal!

Jorge started coaching as his father’s assistant and soon began coaching his own teams. As a coach, he strives to teach younger generations to play and love the sport, develop the foundations of the players’ game, transmit his passion for the sport, and serve as a mentor for his players.

Jorge’s favorite soccer player is his father. He particularly admires his father’s discipline and is grateful to him for teaching him everything he knows about the game. In his free time Jorge enjoys watching soccer, exploring the outdoors and spending time with his family.




El Salvador