Simone Hedinger


Club Administrator

Simone Hedinger

Simone was born and raised in Switzerland where she played team handball competitively for many years until she moved to the US to start college. She spectated and was a huge fan of her hometown semi-professional men’s soccer team. She always asked for the season ticket pass for Christmas and enjoyed walking with her friends to the stadium – standing in the fan section, chanting and cheering on her team. 

She started coaching team handball as a teen while she was still playing herself. Then in her late twenties and thirties she coached her young children in the many sports that they participated in. She continues to coach middle school girls sports in the area. She is a certified elementary school teacher and has a master’s in Sport Management. She enjoys coaching because she likes to pass on her passion for sports and she wants to help young people ignite the fire within to pursue the love and passion for a sport that brings them joy. We know that when people during their middle school years connect with a sport, they are five times more likely to be physically active in their adulthood. That fact is what makes her want to get up every day and give it her best for the club and the her school. 

Her favorite soccer team is FC St.Gallen. She fondly remembers the Chilean player, Ivan Zamorano, before he was “discovered” as a world class player playing for her little hometown soccer team. Not only was he a great player, but demonstrated positive leadership and has mentored many young soccer players as they entered the professional soccer world. She still enjoys listening to him when he commentates games in the Mexican League.