Susi Campbell


Referee Assignor

Susi Campbell

Susi grew up in Pittsburgh PA and the only “football” she knew was the Steelers and PITT! Throw in a little baseball and she was a sports fan! No “fútbol” where she grew up. When her 6 year old son started playing AYSO, the club required volunteers. After reviewing the volunteer options, the only one that appealed to her was referee. With countless games already under her belt, she was approached by another referee with an opportunity to expand into competitive leagues thus requiring her to take classes and pass refereeing certifications. She did not hesitate and has been refereeing competitive soccer since 1998! She has worked games from 6 year olds up to and including adults. She has also dabbled in playing herself in a women’s league as well as a co-ed team.

Susi has been refereeing for the Alpine Strikers club for a long time. She has been the Assignor for the club for the past 5 years and has thoroughly enjoyed this position. She notes that she has learned a lot and at times wanted to pull her hair out, but in the end, it’s all for the kids! She prides herself on filling all the referee slots and always does her best to put the right referee with the right game. Susi was honored to be named the Adult Female Referee of the Year.

Susi also mentors our new youth referees and gives them a perspective on the other side of the game. Her passion is teaching young people, whether players and/or referees, the love of the game, sportsmanship and to “just have fun” even while being competitive.

In her free time Susi enjoys hiking, music shows, travel, and hanging out with friends and family.




Pittsburgh, PA